RollerBall MINI Bowling

RollerBall Mini-Bowling – The Ultimate Mini Bowling System

Accessibility has never been easier

People with physical disabilities can just as easily enjoy a game of bowling on our mini system. With it’s raised lanes and no approach,

Rollerball Mini allows bowlers to simply grab a bowling ball and have fun.


With all Rollerball Mini Bowling systems, you have the option of coin, bill accepter, card swipe, prepay & post pay and even ticket redemption.

At almost a 40% smaller footprint of any other mini bowling system on the market, Rollerball Mini is designed to provide hours of entertainment with minimal space. This 33 foot system lets you bowl more games per hour with it’s rapid player mode. The automatic scoring system let’s the bowlers

pay and play¬†without the lengthy set-up-time traditional bowling can have; such as shoe rental, bowler name entry etc…

The small but sleek design makes it bowl as good as it looks.