We will put our Pinspotter machines up against any other on the market, new or re-manufactured.

uBowl Canada has set the standard for the fully re-manufactured pinsetter. Our motivation is simple: we selected pinsetter models with the longest life, affordable aftermarket replacement parts, and plenty of experience in the field. This makes it easy to find mechanics, because so many people are familiar with these machines, so there are plenty of aftermarket companies supplying the correct parts to them. Then, we developed the most thorough, organized, and meticulous process for the full remanufacturing of these machines—no one else in the business goes as deep into these machines as uBowl. The result is over 700 of the finest machines in the industry inside our warehouse at an incredible value to our customers.

All of the pinsetter machines are broken down to their bare frames and pressure washed clean. Then, they are carefully pieced back together by using brand new hardware, belts, bushings, bearings, replacing all worn parts, and testing it thoroughly throughout the process.

Buying new pinsetter machines means that you will be stuck purchasing any replacement parts solely from the manufacturer. This often results in weeks of lanes being down, costly plastic replacement parts, and expensive, or worse, inexperienced mechanics.

Our machines avoid all of these problems and as mentioned before, we will put our pinsetter machines against any machines on the market—new or remanufactured. That’s why we’re willing to put a full one year new products warranty on all of the machines that leave our factory.