Synthetic Bowling Lane Construction by uBowl

After installing lanes from several different companies in the industry, uBowl has become very familiar with the features of synthetic bowling lanes. However up until now, no single lane has ever integrated all of those features into the perfect lane. The USB FastLane now sets that standard for synthetic bowling lanes in the industry.

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See Why FastLane is the Most Durable Lane in the Industry.

The surface layer of the FastLane is treated with silica-based agents that ensure incredible wear resistance, making this one of the most durable lanes on the market.

  • Consistent higher scoring
  • Rich maple wood finish
  • A full 7/16” thickness
  • 5’ wide approach panels
  • Easy-slide textured approach
  • MML-3000 lifetime warranty
  • Glow-in-the-dark lane finish

Our Synthetic Lanes Received the Highest Rating in the Industry.

The TABER rotary abrasion test uses an abrasive pad to determine the durability of surfaces. This is the best way to discover how quickly a bowling lane will wear under the stresses of everyday use. The FastLane received the test’s highest rating in the industry, ensuring years and years of trouble-free use.