Walker Sport Edition

Kustodian Walker Sport Edition Features

  • Sanction technology conditioning system
  • Patented sprayless cleaning system
  • Battery powered for hassle-free operation*
  • Dry-cell batteries give you more than 60 lanes per charge
  • Recharge up to 400 times before battery replacement
  • Zero turn radius for easy movement from lane-to-lane
  • Lane whiskers auto-align the machine on to each lane
  • Easy to use, full colour touch screen interface
  • 30 lane patterns in memory
  • Change per board microlitre stream with the touch of a button

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Technical Specifications:

Width: 59.25” | 150.50 cm
Height: 16” | 40.64 cm
Length: 44” | 111.76 cm
Weight: 425 lbs | 192.8 Kg
Packaging: One machine per crate
Part Number: 17-5500D (115V/60Hz) | 17-5550D (230V/50Hz)