Graphic Selections

The Finishing Touch

uBowl has developed a proprietary process to create the Enhanced Glow experience. These graphics are, without a doubt, the brightest in the business and their intensity won’t quit on you—they have the best longevity of any glow graphic in the industry. Once you see the difference, you won’t be able to go back to a dull glow.

Even the best glow graphics won’t pop under sub-par lamps. That’s why uBowl offers shockingly intense black light lamps with a unique mirrored finish for the cleanest, brightest, and most dynamic glow throughout your center. With our exclusive soft-start process, our lamps last even longer. So, even though they provide 50% more output, they’re still the most energy efficient lamps in the industry.


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Custom WEBSITE and Website hosting for your business.


uBowl Canada has partnered with and CityHosting to provide you with a full service of marketing and website hosting services for your bowling and Familty Entertainment Centers.  With experience with working on creating websites, campaigns with google adwords, Facebook advertising.  We invite you to work with them for all your needs.  We know you’re on a budget, and they can assist with building with what you have or creating from new.  fpm3CityHosting