Bumper Gutter System

Reliability – Flexibility – Durability

The Benefits

uBowl’s customers expect nothing but the best when it comes to uBowl’s product line. So why would it be any different when we decided to make the world’s most durable, reliable, and cost effective bowling bumper system in the industry. When doing so, we surpassed even our own expectation when we designed the uBowl Z-Bumper and Gutter System.

When manufacturing the Z-Bumper and Gutter System, uBowl uses only the very best materials available today. By doing so, uBowl has created a bowling bumper and bowling gutter system that creates more ball action than any other bumper in the industry, bringing more excitement to your bowling centre and customers. This system is a mechanic and installer’s dream, because you can “set it and forget it”; It is virtually maintenance free!

Increased Revenues

Bank on more revenues with uBowl’s Z-Bumper Gutter System

Increase your revenues with events including:

  • Birthday parties
  • School programs
  • Kids leagues
  • Family events
  • Special needs programs

Bumper and Gutter Product Features

uBowl’s Z-Bumper Gutters are both durable and reliable, using only the very best materials in the industry. They will provide your centre with the following:

  • Z-bracket design holds the gutters firmly in place
  • No more gutters interfering with the bumper rails
  • Thickest gutter in the industry
  • No more balls bouncing out of gutters
  • Grey colour PVC means no more painting