The Complete Mini Bowling and Rollerball Bowling System

A leading bowling equipment manufacturer, uBowl Canada, is offering the complete Mini Bowling systems, which is ideal for a wide range of settings where a full-sized bowling alley simply isn’t practical.

The Mini Bowling and Rollerball Bowling systems add big profits to small spaces, as it can be

installed virtually anywhere, including:

• shopping malls and shopping centers

• hotels

• bars and pubs

• restaurants

• arcades

• movie theater lobbies

• entertainment centers

• amusement parks

• cruise ships

• universities and colleges

• club houses

• homes


Optional Control Systems

• Front Desk Management System

• Pay at the desk

• Time Bowling

• Prepay & Postpay Bowling

• Complete cash control system

This system is perfect for corporate events, birthday parties, and other private functions

• Stand-A-Lone Control Console

• Individual lane control

• Coin operation for easy cash intake

• Large coin box collection

• Optional card swipe integration available

• Optional bill receptor available

Anyone can walk up and be rolling within seconds with our simple, user-friendly mini-consoles.

Standard 32” Monitors

uBowl Canada through US Bowling Corporation is the only company that offers 32” LCD monitors as a standard feature.


Rollerball is the only mini bowling system that offers a video masking unit option. With your choice of a  2 lane wide screen or 4 lane wide Mega Media Screen.



Theme your walls with our enhanced glow graphics and watch your facility come alive!



rollerball-mini-bowling-3 rollerball-mini-bowling-4