Residential Bowling

uBowl Canada residential bowlingResidential Bowling – Home Bowling Alley

Residential Bowling – Home Bowling Alley

At uBowl Canada, we’re the nation’s leading bowling equipment manufacturers specializing in custom home bowling alleys!

Home improvement is all the rage today. However, more-affluent homeowners aren’t stopping at a revamped kitchen or a bigger master bathroom — not by a long shot. A percentage of the population is going big, even extreme: think bowling lanes, you will be the talk of the neighborhood.

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Our in-house staff of professionals will work hand in hand with your architects, designers and contractors from inception to completion to ensure that your installation runs smoothly. Building a bowling alley in your home has never been easier.

uBowl Canada, through our partners US Bowling have finished many home installations for very affluent people over the years, from Oscar award-winning actors and directors, to athletes, musicians, and politicians. We have worked for them all, respected their privacy, and we will protect yours while keeping your best interest in mind.

We’ll oversee the project, providing all of the supplies and equipment you need to construct the perfect residential bowling alley. We’ve worked with some of the most elite clients, from socialites and billionaires to politicians, actors, musicians and other celebrities. We value your privacy and work to ensure that your bowling lane construction project runs smoothly, while simultaneously maintaining full confidentiality.

We carry everything you need to build a home bowling alley, including but not limited to:

• Pinsetters;

• Lane machines;

• Bumper and gutter systems;

• Bowling lanes;

• Automatic scoring machines;

• Ball return hoods;

• ….and beyond.

We also stock a vast range of pins, shoes, and bowling balls. So whether you prefer lightweight polyester balls, to urethane bowling balls, high-quality symmetrical bowling balls or the finest high-performance asymmetrical bowling balls, we’ll have a range of models and varieties for you to choose from.

In addition balls, shoes, and pins, uBowl Canada also carries a range of other bowling equipment and repair parts, including pinsetters, ball racks, lane machines, bowling bumper and gutter systems, bowling lanes, lane care and cleaning products, automatic scoring machines and miscellaneous supplies.

uBowl Canada carries a vast array of bowling furniture, which is certain to add a stylish, classic bowling alley feel to your home lanes. Choose from bowling alley tables, seats and couches from manufacturers such as US Vantech and Celebrity Furniture.

If you have questions concerning any of uBowl Canada residential bowling alley set-up services or wish to inquire about our supply or equipment offerings, you’re invited to contact us via our online contact form


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