New Bowling Alley Construction

Innovating: The Industry of New Bowling Alley Construction

uBowl has been instrumental in developing two of the industry’s most successful concepts. As we saw bowling change over the years, we began to realize the potential first of the family entertainment centre, with bowling as the primary revenue generator. By using creative, family-oriented strategies while constructing new bowling alleys, uBowl began to place multiple revenue generators in new facilities, giving their customers dynamic entertainment solutions rather than run-down bowling alleys that had become the standard. While leagues weren’t excluded, they also weren’t prioritized to the detriment of the open bowler—what we saw as the most profitable demographic. We developed centres that catered to the whole family looking for an experience—not just a few games of bowling. Families did not want to tolerate the smoke, the old shoes, the run down lanes and equipment, the traditional seating layout and muted colours. They wanted excitement, themes, entertainment.

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Soon after, we looked to find a solution for our customers in metropolitan areas. What emerged was the development of the bowling lounge.

We worked toward an upscale environment for the adult looking for an alternative to the same old bars and clubs; the customers willing to pay a premium for an upscale restaurant and a swanky bar paired with the game of bowling. This meant a completely different environment than the ones found in traditional centres. It was a lucrative solution to a void in the upscale nightlife industry, and one that we continue to perfect today because in the end, thinking outside of the box is the name of the game.