Family Entertainment Center

What is an FEC?

A family entertainment centre [FEC], is built for the entire family and are intended to offer your customers a full entertainment experience. FEC’s often feature several different revenue generators in the same location. This means that your customers could walk into the place with the intention of bowling, and end up eating a pizza, bowling a couple of games, spending an hour in the arcade, hanging out in an interactive ball play area, and playing laser tag. These centres thrive on family events, birthday parties, and weekend open play. Our cutting edge FEC models are proving their success through incredible profit trends and growing popularity. Our experience in the FEC market will prove to be invaluable if you are ready to think outside the box and take part in the future of bowling.

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FEC’s ideally balance their profit centres, meaning that no profit centre dominates the others. When a customer walks in, they should see a variety of different revenue generators, of which they could participate in. By giving the customer several options, FEC’s cater to a wider range of people and ensure return trips to the centre. This particular centre focused on a 1950’s theme, complete with a hot rod car for a DJ booth, fully themed sidewalls, and a 50’s style diner to complete the look. The interior is colourful, exciting and stimulating, which means the birthday parties are a hit and families want to return week after week.


The FEC incorporated some extremely valuable additions to the traditional model, ensuring that there is something for everyone. A six lane private party room encourages plenty of corporate and group rate revenue, while a sports bar with a full menu is a completely separate profit generator. There is a billiards area, a full arcade with redemption-based games, and even a laser tag area. The seating in the bowling area features our wakeboard table with detached seating, allowing 6-8 people to gather around one table with plenty of room for food and beverage. For larger groups, two tables can easily be pushed together to accommodate up to 18 people.


A premium lighting and sound package is augmented by customized masking units featuring New York Themed images. On several pairs of lanes, uBowl’s MediaMask allows new customers to watch music videos, sports, or television on 150” projection screens.

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